Vianney Halter's Trio
Five years ago, whilst on holiday in Japan, I took a detour. It started with a trip to Nakano Broadway – one of Tokyo’s main otaku destinations – a multi-level mall devoted to selling everything from manga to aidoru-related collectables, via video games and BluRay discs. It’s also home to Jack Road, which, […]

Steampunk: Infernal Devices 1
Warning – this piece may contain spoilers. If you’ve not seen Interstellar, you may want to skip this and read about something else instead. This post may also contain random links / segues. Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for the film Interstellar contains passages played on the four register Harrison & Harrison […]

It’s all relative (probably)

Timex Waterbury x Red Wing leather strap (C) END.Clothing 3
Sometimes you just need to put all the snobbery aside and admit to yourself that even a cheap watch can bring enjoyment. Timex, the 162 year old American company possibly best known for its catchy slogan** and Ironman range of watches, has recently released a limited edition of its field watch-style Waterbury […]

The joy of a cheap watch

(C) @Pavoni240 2015
SalonQP was launched in 2009. Since moving to the Saatchi Gallery from Number One Marylebone, the annual event has continued to gather momentum and reputation, helped, no doubt, by its new owners, the Telegraph Media Group. This year, over 90 watch and watch-related brands were represented, ranging from well-established manufacture to independents, […]

SalonQP 2015

Tudor Only Watch
OnlyWatch is a biennial charity auction of specially-designed, one-off pieces from some of the best watchmakers and manufacture in the world in aid of research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The auction is organised by Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies, the Monaco Yacht Show and Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo. It’s a […]

Holding hands

Comtesse Koscowicz of Hungary's wristwatch
It’s possible that we may never know for sure when the first wristwatch was made, although that hasn’t stopped a number of Swiss brands laying claim to the production of some iteration of that ur-device. The Patek Philippe N° 27’368 is such a piece – a six line, gilt, cylinder escapement […]

Patek Philippe’s Watch Art Grand Exhibition

(C) Organic Marketing / DAM Productions
While attempting to discover when The Watchmaker’s Apprentice would be available on general release, I was approached by DAM Production’s / Bulldog Distribution’s marketing partner, Organic Marketing, and offered the chance to interview Roger on one of his increasingly rare trips to London. Unfortunately, I was unable to see him […]

An interview with Roger W Smith

© The Watchmaker's Apprentice 2014. All rights reserved 4
  The Watchmaker’s Apprentice – the story of the late Dr George Daniels and his apprentice, Roger W Smith – has had a succession of successful screenings at film festivals, both in the UK and United States. Most recently,  the documentary was shown at Birmingham City University (home to the UK’s […]

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice

(C) Vacheron Constantin 2015
I’m putting this here for the time being to commemorate the announcement on this unique pocket watch, the Reference 57260, that celebrates the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. I’ll try and update is as more information about this staggeringly impressive movement, the Calibre 3750, is revealed.   a Plate 350: […]

Ref 57260, caliber 3750

The Longines Avigation, via @Horologium 5
The burial chamber of king Tutankhamun was, it seems, saved from tomb raiders by a combination of poor memory and natural disasters. Although plundered at least twice in the years after Tutankhamun’s interment, the thieves appear to have taken only a few small objects; further incursions may have been curtailed by floods […]

Raiding the past

Black-dialled Heuer Skipper belonging to @Heuer_Loon 2
Eight years ago, on the subway on the way back home from a lunch held by Kobold Watch owner Michael Kobold, two New Yorkers got talking. It transpired that they worked a few blocks from each other in Midtown, and had a shared interest in collecting and discussing watches. What was […]

Red Bar London