Roger W Smith #teamwatchnerd
Roger W Smith #teamwatchnerd

Some ‘blogs have ‘blogrolls. We have #teamwatchnerd and #teamclocknerd. It’s a way of saying thank you to just some of the people who have been involved, and continue to be involved, in the #watchnerd ‘blog. Many of the below have provided valuable advice, time, encouragement and support.

Thank you.

the #watchnerd

#watchnerd Vegemite, via @Horologium
#watchnerd Vegemite, via @Horologium
Jean-Marc Marmite, during a visit to Agenhor in January 2017
Jean-Marc Marmite, during a visit to Agenhor in January 2017

Adam Craniotes (RedBar Group)

Adam Phillips (casemaker, @watchcaseworks)

Adrian Hailwood (Horophile and collector of useless trivia)

@afterworkproject (Instagram and #redbarlondon)

Alex Ghotbi (best-dressed man in watches)

@alexwoodmanseewatches (Instagram and #redbarlondon)

Alistair Gibbons (#ATGVintageWatches)

Andrew Sterling (workbench monkey)

Angus Tilbury (#watchnerd)

Atom Moore (photographer)

Aurelie Picaud (Timepieces Director for Fabergé)

Balázs Ferenczi (Fratello Watches contributor)

Bani McSpedden (Watch-Next, et al)

Ben Clymer (Hodinkee)

Beth Doerr (Quill and Pad)

Bryan Leech (Sidereus watches)

Charris Yadigaroglou (MB&F)

@BEXSONN (Fine watches and liquid gold)

Chris Mann (Time4aPint, podcaster)

Chris Manning (Pen maker, jeweller, podcaster)

Christoph Damasko (DAMASKO GmbH)

Dave Jefferson (#watchnerd, #ATGVintage)

David Rooney (writer & curator)

@Deltachips (the Watch Rant)

Felix Baumgartner (URWERK Geneve)

Felix Scholz (Time + Tide)

Fiona Krüger (watchmaker)

Firmin Li (#watchnerd #teamHorologium)

Giles Ellis (Schofield)

Giles and Nick English (Bremont) [although Nick denies it]

Grey Fox ‘Blog (‘blogger, style defender)

Harris Horology (watch / clockmaker and repairer) #clocknerd

Horologium (#teamwatchnerd / #horologiumxwatchnerd)

Heuer_Loon (#watchnerd, Heuer collector)

Ian Skellern (Quill and Pad)

@InitialJH (#teamwatchnerd / #horologiumxwatchnerd)

Jack Forster (Hodinkee)

@Jacobtwelve (Twelve Creative)

Dr James Nye (electric #clocknerd and #watchnerd)

@JakePrice04 (pilot, writer)

James Buttery (editor, QP Magazine)

James Dowling (guru, ur-watchnerd)

James Stacey (writer and co-host of the Grey NATO)

Jane Trew (founder of @EvesWatch)

Jason Heaton (writer, explorer, co-host of the Grey NATO)

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht  (founder of Agenhor SA)

Johan Ten Hoeve (clockmaker) #clocknerd

Jon Edwards (#watchnerd and podcaster)

Jonathan Betts  #clocknerd #teamwatchnerd

Jonathan Bordell (Page & Cooper)

@JPVFX – All three (vfx genius)

Kari Voutilainen (watchmaker)

Kathleen McGivney (RedBar Group)

Ken Kessler (writer, guru)

Kikuo Ibe (creator of the G-Shock)

Larissa Trew (founder of @EvesWatch)

Laura McCreddie (#watchnerd and Editor-at-Large, @EvesWatch)

Laurent Wiederrecht  (watchmaker, Agenhor SA)

@LiamChad (#watchnerd)

LoupeSystem (optical genius)

Ludovic Ballouard (watchmaker)

Mark McArthur-Christie (guru, writer, #watchnerd)

Maximilian Büsser (Founder MB&F, inspiration)

Mia Sabel (Sabel Saddlery, bespoke strap-maker)

The Minkle (#watchnerd / reprobate)

Nemo (@bremontmilitary, pilot, #watchnerd)

Nial Ferguson (#watchnerd)

Nicholas Bowman-Scargill (Fears Watches)

Nicolas Wiederrecht (watchmaker, Agenhor SA)

Neil Francis (#watchnerd and #clocknerd)

@omegaaaaad (#watchnerd)

Paul Maudsley (auctioneer, car lover)

@Pavoni240 (#watchnerd)

Peter Roberts (watchmaker)

Peter Speake-Marin (naked watchmaker)

Piers Berry (Pinion Watches)

@rabbit_cubed (#watchnerd)

Rexhep Rexhepi (watchmaker, founder AkriviA)

Richard Stenning (Charles Frodsham, #clocknerd)

Robert Wren (“more clock than watch”, #clocknerd)

Roger W Smith (watchmaker, inspiration)

Rory McEvoy (curator, #watchnerd and #clocknerd)

Rosie Kirk (horologist and #clocknerd)

Seth Kennedy (watchmaker and antiquarian horologist)

Simon Cudd (social media guru and snapper)

Stepan Sarpaneva (watchmaker)

Struthers London (watchmakers, friends, inspiration)

Su Fullwood (curator and #clocknerd)

Svend Andersen (watchmaker, AHCI co-founder, inspiration)

Tabea Rude (conservator and #clocknerd)

@Timekeeper_Al (#watchnerd and #clocknerd)

Thomas Prescher (watchmaker)

Torsti Laine (watchmaker)

Vianney Halter (watchmaker)

@yygall (#watchnerd)

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