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We all have biases towards certain people, types of watch, watch brands and even watch movements. It would therefore be remarkable if I didn’t have any positive biases towards individuals in the industry, as I am lucky enough to call some of the people about whom I write acquaintances – others even friends. In reality, this means that I have pre-conceived notions and views about people, brands and watches before I’ve seen them, or even read about them. It is also possible that the cost of a watch may lead to one or more biases – for example, if I were to receive a discount on a watch from a brand or authorised dealer. If I were to be given a watch to review, this could lead to biases. These biases will colour my descriptions of such watches, individuals and brands, and may be positive or negative. Where these biases can be identified, I will ensure that the post contains such information. In the case of gifts, or any other financial incentives, these will also be covered under the Disclosure.

It’s possible that there may be other watch ‘bloggers, writers and journalists without such biases. For the latter group, a central tenet of most journalism is a lack of bias – never taking sides, but equally, identifying objective, factual reporting clearly from opinion pieces.

As an example of my biases, I was the moderator on the Official Bremont Forum for some years; I have purchased four of their watches, beginning in March 2008 with an ALT1-C/CR; and I have been friendly with the co-founders of the brand, and many of their management team, for many years. I am therefore likely to be positively biased towards this brand; if I believe there is a positive bias in anything I write, I will attempt to highlight it. I have suffered from poor service from TAG Heuer in the past, having to send the same watch to be repaired multiple times. This does not predispose me to positive comments about the brand. If I believe there is a negative bias in anything I write, I will attempt to highlight it.

I am not sure how best to declare these biases – perhaps at the beginning of each piece – although welcome all thoughts on the matter.


the #watchnerd, December 2017