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It takes a while to write these posts for the #watchnerd, sometimes many months, and for that I apologise. I can’t keep up with the larger, smarter, hipper, more adjectival watch ‘blogs, so I thought it might be interesting to share with you the current list of ideas, thoughts and ramblings.

– A passion for watchmaking: Peter Speake-Marin’s new Serpent Calendar

Kari Voutilainen wants to make us think differently

– AkriviA: back to the old school

– Blue moon: De Bethune‘s lunar preoccupation

Sevnd Andersen: the Godfather of independent watchmaking

– Hip to be square: Ressence‘s TYPE 1²

Observations on the Pendulums of Hoole and Derham: why do flies have pendulums, and what can horology learn from the study of Diptera?

The first #clocknerd: who was John Joseph Merlin?

Various other half-written blog pieces on new watchmaking materials and the language of watch design.

Last updated 10.03.17


    • Thank you. You know me; it’ll take ages to finish them. I also have something on De Bethune’s use of the colour blue, and one of the least discussed brands: Moritz Grossmann

  1. I look forward to the ”blue’ post, which we’ve briefly discussed. I’ve been hearing a bit about MG now and then this past year, but don’t know as much as I should. Shall await that post with anticipation too.

    Hopefully a post before 2015 hits us? :)

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