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Inside the incredible world of Dr Daniels and Mr Smith

Dr George Daniels MBE CBE FSA may be the world’s greatest living watchmaker. Certainly he revived the art of handmade watchmaking in the 20th century and has produced some of the most incredible pieces that I have ever seen. With Roger W Smith, he has also created a range of watches which go well beyond the scope and scale of most of us, to become something that is truly special. That Dr Daniels has only completed 37 watches is also astounding. Each one, handmade, hand crafted, hand milled, turned, decorated, built. All of it under one roof, and with one maker. While the prices may be eye-watering, the watches themselves are pieces of horological art. Masterpieces.
Roger W. Smith’s watches are equally as moving. With their in-house designed and manufactured escapements and balances, highly polished surfaces and intricately engraved faces, these pieces are a wonder.
I apologise for the photos. I think I may have got a little carried away. Somehow, in the presence of these, one forgets about focusing, lighting and other mundane thoughts!
Roger W. Smith
Roger W. Smith
Roger W. Smith
Daniels London, the first space traveller’s watch
Daniels London Co-Axial Anniversary Edition prototype
Daniels London, a gold co-axial minute tourbillon with chronograph
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