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Pebble’s wearable tech, via @GreatDismal

Back in 2011, I wrote about the MetaWatch, an interesting piece of wearable tech that appeared to be struggling with its Bluetooth power consumption for a while, but now appears to be focusing on “reinventing the watch as a stylish and relevant mobile accessory.” In the meantime, the phenomenon that is Pebble took the world by storm, drumming up millions on Kickstarter and launching wearable tech for the masses. One of the earliest to Tweet about Pebble was Wiliam Gibson (@GreatDismal), who has recently received his Pebble. The Tweets below are taken from his stream, in a slightly stalky way. I hope this is okay – I assume it is – but if not, I’ll delete. I particularly like his Sandbenders idea – something I’d like to see in mechanical watches, if the innards weren’t so awfully expensive…

“Pebble has landed! Have set date and an analog face with nicely retro dauphine hands. Yay Kickstarter! #pebblewatch

“Old person, new tech: Gets Pebble Bluetooth epaper watch, uses it to tell time!”

“Just sent a self-congratulatory text to my new wristwatch.”

“RT @met2art @GreatDismal How is battery life on it? [Mileage reports vary, I gather]”

“@junkyardmessiah Too black to photograph effectively, but utterly clean design & matte silicone (?) strap is pleasantly tactile.”

“Almost incidentally a watch, the Pebble is a highly customizable *smartphone peripheral*.”

Perhaps Gibson has finally exorcised his Tamagotchi gesture? Or perhaps it just has a new home?

XenoPhage I like the strap; good balance with weightless plastic head. I think you could also wear it on a 22mm Maratac Zulu nylon.”

“RT @cold_fashioned @GreatDismal reading reports that early deliveries have some bugs to iron out. [Perfect so far]”

“@Pebble, please make an app for simultaneous display of three world time zones, thanks! iPhone already has that, so seems a natural.”

“@Pebble x a trad watch company, Sandbenders-style; steel or titanium cases intended to last through generations of (replaceable) innards?”

“Very uncharacteristic for me to be a proto-consumer of anything electronic, but…


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