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Righting the Rolex crown

Drawing from Rolex Patent US 20130114383 A1

It’s a question that has bothered Rolex owners for fifty years “Why doesn’t the coronet logo on the crown line up perpendicularly with the case?” Those of you who own watches with screw-down Twinlock crowns may have noticed that it’s basically pot luck whether the logo sits in its correct alignment. Maddening to some, unnoticed by many, it’s the kind of thing that Rolex owners debate from time to time on the strange recesses of the internet that we call watch forums.

Basel through a telescope. Again.

As BaselWorld 2014 comes to a close, a few observations:

De Bethune can do no wrong – you wait ages for a five-handed chronograph, and then three come along in a matter of years. First it was Peter Roberts’ classic Grand Complication 5, and now De Bethune’s masterful DB29 and DB28 Maxichronos. The former watch encompasses not only a monopusher-operated chronograph, cleverly recorded on concentric dials, but also (as the name suggests) a 30 second tourbillon. It’s not often that words fail me – as those of you who follow me on Twitter will know – but in this instance, I really am at a loss to describe it adequately. The DB29MT may not be the most attractive of watches (the lugs, in particular, seem to divide opinion), but it is one of the most striking. It manages to capture some of the otherworldliness that was so beautifully expressed in the DB25 IX Maya, but without the b’ak’tun bonkersness.