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Roger W Smith #teamwatchnerd
Roger W Smith #teamwatchnerd

Some ‘blogs have ‘blogrolls. We have #teamwatchnerd and #teamclocknerd. It’s a way of saying thank you to just some of the people who have been involved, and continue to be involved, in the #watchnerd ‘blog. Many of the below have provided valuable advice, time, encouragement and support.

Thank you.

the #watchnerd

#watchnerd Vegemite, via @Horologium
#watchnerd Vegemite, via @Horologium
Jean-Marc Marmite, during a visit to Agenhor in January 2017
Jean-Marc Marmite, during a visit to Agenhor in January 2017


Adam Craniotes (RedBar Group)

Adam Phillips (casemaker, @watchcaseworks)

Adrian Hailwood (Horophile and collector of useless trivia)

@afterworkproject (Instagram and #redbarlondon)

Alex Ghotbi (best-dressed man in watches)

@alexwoodmanseewatches (Instagram and #redbarlondon)

Alistair Gibbons (#ATGVintageWatches)

Andrew Sterling (workbench monkey)

Angus Tilbury (#watchnerd)

Atom Moore (photographer)

Aurelie Picaud (Timepieces Director for Fabergé)

Balázs Ferenczi (Fratello Watches contributor)

Bani McSpedden (Watch-Next, et al)

Barbara Palumbo (

Baruch ”Budge” Coutts (#watchnerd, photographer) #clocknerd

Ben Clymer (Hodinkee)

Beth Doerr (Quill and Pad)

Bryan Leech (Sidereus watches)

Charris Yadigaroglou (MB&F)

@BEXSONN (Fine watches and liquid gold)

Chris Mann (Time4aPint, podcaster)

Chris Manning (Pen maker, jeweller, podcaster)

Christoph Damasko (DAMASKO GmbH)

Dave Jefferson (#watchnerd, #ATGVintage)

David Rooney (writer & curator) #clocknerd

@Deltachips (the Watch Rant)

Felix Baumgartner (URWERK Geneve)

Felix Scholz (Time + Tide)

Fiona Krüger (watchmaker)

Firmin Li (#watchnerd #teamHorologium)

Giles Ellis (Schofield)

Giles and Nick English (Bremont) [although Nick denies it]

Grey Fox ‘Blog (‘blogger, style defender)

Harris Horology (watch / clockmaker and repairer) #clocknerd

Horologium (#teamwatchnerd / #horologiumxwatchnerd)

Heuer_Loon (#watchnerd, Heuer collector)

Ian Skellern (Quill and Pad)

@InitialJH (#teamwatchnerd / #horologiumxwatchnerd)

Jack Forster (Hodinkee)

@Jacobtwelve (Twelve Creative)

Dr James Nye (electric #clocknerd and #watchnerd)

@JakePrice04 (pilot, writer)

James Buttery (editor, QP Magazine)

James Dowling (guru, ur-watchnerd)

James Stacey (writer and co-host of the Grey NATO)

Jane Trew (founder of @EvesWatch)

Jason Heaton (writer, explorer, co-host of the Grey NATO)

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht  (founder of Agenhor SA)

Johan Ten Hoeve (clockmaker) #clocknerd

Jon Edwards (#watchnerd and podcaster)

Jonathan Betts  #clocknerd #teamwatchnerd

Jonathan Bordell (Page & Cooper)

@JPVFX – All three (vfx genius)

Kari Voutilainen (watchmaker)

Kathleen McGivney (RedBar Group)

Ken Kessler (writer, guru)

Kikuo Ibe (creator of the G-Shock)

Torsti Laine (Laine Watches, watchmaker)

Larissa Trew (founder of @EvesWatch)

Laura McCreddie (#watchnerd and Editor-at-Large, @EvesWatch)

Laurent Wiederrecht  (watchmaker, Agenhor SA)

@LiamChad (#watchnerd)

LoupeSystem (optical genius)

Ludovic Ballouard (watchmaker)

@Lug_Life (#watchnerd and craft beer drinker)

Mark McArthur-Christie (guru, writer, #watchnerd)

Maximilian Büsser (Founder MB&F, inspiration)

Mia Sabel (Sabel Saddlery, bespoke strap-maker)

The Minkle (#watchnerd / reprobate)

Nemo (@bremontmilitary, pilot, #watchnerd)

Nial Ferguson (#watchnerd)

Nicholas Bowman-Scargill (Fears Watches)

Nicolas Wiederrecht (watchmaker, Agenhor SA)

Neil Francis (#watchnerd and #clocknerd)

@omegaaaaad (#watchnerd)

Patrick Sjögren (watchmaker, GOS Watches)

Paul Maudsley (auctioneer, car lover)

@Pavoni240 (#watchnerd)

Peter Roberts (watchmaker)

Peter Speake-Marin (naked watchmaker)

Piers Berry (Pinion Watches)

@rabbit_cubed (#watchnerd)

Rexhep Rexhepi (watchmaker, founder AkriviA)

Richard Stenning (Charles Frodsham, #clocknerd)

Robert Wren (“more clock than watch”, #clocknerd)

Roger W Smith (watchmaker, inspiration)

Rory McEvoy (curator, #watchnerd and #clocknerd)

Rosie Kirk (horologist and #clocknerd)

Seth Kennedy (watchmaker, casemaker, QEST Scholar and antiquarian horologist)

Simon Cudd (social media guru and snapper)

Stepan Sarpaneva (watchmaker)

Stephen Forsey (watchmaker, Greubel Forsey)

Struthers London (watchmakers, friends, inspiration)

Su Fullwood (curator and #clocknerd)

Svend Andersen (watchmaker, AHCI co-founder, inspiration)

Tabea Rude (conservator and #clocknerd)

@Timekeeper_Al (#watchnerd and #clocknerd)

Thomas Prescher (watchmaker)

Torsti Laine (watchmaker)

Vianney Halter (watchmaker)

@yygall (#watchnerd)

If you are #teamwatchnerd, and your name / link does not appear here, drop me a Tweet or DM at @the_watchnerd

Key: MkI and MkII and MkIII, MkIV plus #clocknerd