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The #watchnerd in the Telegraph

I was interviewed by James Gurney, editor of QP Magazine a few weeks ago for a piece he was writing for the Telegraph Magazine. Amazingly, there was actually a proper watch supplement in the paper too. One that, for whatever reason, appears not to be online. Which is a shame, as it was rather good, containing as it did, some pieces by Robin Swithinbank, Tim Barber and Ken Kessler.

The photographer, Neil Gavin, tried his best, but he really couldn’t do anything for the #watchnerd… on the plus side, the Telegraph managed to get about 50% of the facts right (I don’t have a Time-Depth 50, and the Breitling Porco Rosso Cosmonaute is certainly not a triumph of form and function. Well, not really. I mean, it is, but with the added brilliance of a flying pig). Apart from that, it was interesting to see that Jura Watches were mentioned as the stockist for Bremont Watches. Of course, they are also available from many other stockists. Oh, and from my good friend, Alistair at ATG Vintage Watches.

Anyway, I’m indebted to James for giving me such publicity, and for Neil for trying his best to make me look halfway human. 

EDIT: I hope to have some better photos of the actual watches shortly – it was the first time that I’d had that many out in one place at one time, so probably worth marking the occasion!

FURTHER EDIT: Thanks for all the kind words.


the #watchnerd

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