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Charming things come in small packages…

Dezeen Watch Store has commissioned a series of watch sculptures from Dominic Wilcox entitled Moments in Time. Taking Smiths / Ingersoll pocket watches and Sekonda watches as his base, he has created miniature scenes that are enacted on the face of each watch, using the hands to great kinetic effect. The piece is contemporary, reflecting recent troubles, such as the rioting in London over the summer: In one, called London Looter, a hooded youth on the second hand carries away an LCD TV while a riot policeman looks on passively. “I had to walk across Mare Street in Hackney to get home during the riots. I remember seeing a boy carrying an LCD TV down a back street. I noticed how the police seemed unsure how to react, holding their circular shields while the boy held a rectangular TV.”

At once charming and touching, while exhibiting a wicked sense of humour, the pieces can be seen at the Dezeen Design Space on Rivington St, which also houses a decent selection of watches. While purists may sneer, the Dezeen Watch Store actually stocks some of the more interesting quartz “designer watch” designs, such as Uniform Wares, Ziiro and Denis Guidone…

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