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Ref 57260, caliber 3750

I’m putting this here for the time being to commemorate the announcement on this unique pocket watch, the Reference 57260, that celebrates the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. I’ll try and update is as more information about this staggeringly impressive movement, the Calibre 3750, is revealed.


(C) Vacheron Constantin 2015
Vacheron Constantin’s Caliber 3750

a Plate 350: Chrono & Hebrew perpetual calendar

b Plate 150: Chronograph

c Front movement

d Back movement

e Astronomical calendar

f Plate 250: Gregorian perpetual calendar


Areas of focus / to explore:

The super-complicated Vladimir wristwatch from 2001 appears to have been powered by the calibre 2750 movement, which may have been the base for at least some of the complications seen in the 57260.

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