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Six Small Words: Amusing

Amusing /əˈmjuːzɪŋCausing laughter or providing entertainment

Watches aren’t meant to be amusing: watches are serious items to be collected, locked away; an investment. They certainly shouldn’t make you smile. Well, not unless you’re able to buy cheap and sell high; this isn’t a hobby, after all, this is a business. Gordon Gekko (for example) had a really cool watch, a Cartier if I remember correctly, and we *all* know about the residuals on those.

Or maybe watches are just status symbols; items of conspicuous wealth; wrist real estate for oligarchs. A secret handshake for the meta-Masons? Perhaps. I’ve always believed that most watches are to be worn, experienced, enjoyed.

George Daniels, CBE 1926 – 2011

We are sorry to hear of the passing of George Daniels, CBE aged 85. Truly a master watchmaker, I only briefly saw Mr Daniels once, at SalonQP in 2010, and wrote about the experience here. An honour. An obituary has been published here in the Telegraph.