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A Prime Candidate

The Meridian “MP-12” Prototype

Back in the early summer of last year, Meridian Watches appeared on Twitter. There wasn’t a huge fanfare, just a few announcements that promised hand-built English watches, with a Swiss movement. Of course, being something of a #watchnerd, and a complete anglohorophile**, I not only began to follow them, but also struck up a conversation. A few months later, I Tweeted Meridian to ask how the build was going and received a rather nice response from them, and was sent a few tidbits during the ensuing months. It was only in the autumn, a few weeks before SalonQP 2012, that the significance of this contact became apparent: Richard called me to give me something of a Meridian-sized scoop. It was wonderful to see the launch at SalonQP – even if the sightly officious security guards ensured that I missed the actual reveal at 1800 – but it was only afterwards that I learnt that Meridian would be sending me one of their watches to wear and feedback to them on my experiences. So here it is:an “MP-12” – it’s actually a model without a designation, being the first to be treated with DLC, and a new, metallic dial that I’ve not seen before. Of course, I’ll be recording my thoughts via Twitter, and on the ‘blog, but I should like to thank Richard – and watchmaker Simon Michlmayr – for entrusting me with this piece. You’ve made a #watchnerd very happy!

the #watchnerd

**I may have just made that up, but you know what I mean. Probably.

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