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Schofield: Rising Star

When the #watchnerd first saw Schofield Watch Company’s Signalman models last year, we warned you that you might be hearing a lot more from the East Sussex-based newcomer. Subsequent months have seen a very successful premiere at SalonQP, a great deal of discussion on Twitter and watch forums, some lovely video from Giles about the ACME “Titanic” Whistle, a piece in QP Magazine and even a Talking Hands episode on The Prodigal Guide.

Schofield Strap Kit (C) Schofield Watch Company
Now comes an award from WatchPro, the B2B online watch magazine, which has annointed Schofield their Rising Star of the Year. I would hope that this reflects not only the watches, but also the wonderful accessories that Schofield have been working on, such as their straps and Moon Mills Tweed strap kit, in collaboration with Cro’ Jack (see right).

The Signalman GMT PR and the DLC are both available at a 20% discount until July 20th, 2012. Each time I visit the Schofiled ‘site, or indeed Giles Ellis’ wonderful Tumblr – Peilican Fossa – I am tempted to put down a deposit. With only five weeks to go until the discount expires, I’d better make up my mind soon.

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