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What’s in a name?

Based on a week’s worth of articles, Tweets, ‘blogs and comments, it appears that many watch wearers are rebelling against the name of Apple’s latest release, the Apple Watch. It’s not clear whether this is because they think that the Apple Watch has crossed the WW Boundary** or whether this is just horological snobbery from the #watcherati.  If the Apple Watch has, indeed, ceased to be a watch of any kind and should now be called something else, it seems highly likely that Apple would have already told us. In the same way that nobody has been asking for a new name to describe the smartphones that we all use – even though they are almost comically removed from the pdQ 800, let alone the IBM Simon – I’m happy to continue to use the term.

Is this the end of the Tamagotchi Gesture?

Every five or six weeks for the past year, I’ve been inserting a MetaWatch Strata into my watch-wearing rotation. This isn’t a particularly strange thing for a #watchnerd to do: we often rotate our watches, and one of mine happens to be #smart.

The Meta Watch Strata #smartwatch

Wearing a mechanical watch that’s been off the wrist for a few weeks is generally a simple affair, and usually requires no more than a gentle shake or a few brisk winds, a fiddle with the quickset date and the all important time check. With the Strata, it’s a little different. Although battery-driven, most smartwatches fail to hold their charge, dissipating energy over a few days to become the equivalent of wrist-mounted paperweights.